Militant Grace Symposium: Photos and Interview Q&A

The ACPT was delighted to be able to help host a symposium last week on the book, Militant Grace, authored by one of our local members, Professor Philip Ziegler. The event, organised by Declan Kelly, a PhD student in systematic theology, involved responses to the book by Dr Katy Hockey (the Kirby Laing Postdoctoral Fellow in New Testament here in Aberdeen), as well as Jake Rollison and Kevin O’Farrell, PhD students in theology and ethics. Tavis Bohlinger, from ‘The LAB’, participated and has prepared a photo essay of the day which includes a set of interview questions lifting out themes from the symposuium to which Ziegler replies. You can see the photos and read the Q&A and Tavis’ own reflections here:

We’re very grateful to Tavis for preparing publishing this.