ACPT Associates

In addition to its core membership of faculty and postgraduate students, at any one time ACPT counts a number of Associates among its membership. Associates are active collaborative partners in the life and work of ACPT, supporting its work by being involved in one or more current research projects, or in the consideration and formulation of future projects, as well as in providing general support and counsel to ACPT members and leadership. They contribute from time to time as they are able to the Research Seminar, and make themselves available to faculty, post-doctoral, and postgraduate members for scholarly and professional conversation and advice as practicable.  Together they constitute an invaluable advisory council for the Centre.

Our current Associates include:

Post-doctoral Fellows and Visiting Scholars

ACPT welcomes the opportunity to host post-doctoral researchers supported by British Academy, AHRC, Marie-Curie, and other research funding programmes. From time to time it is able to support post-doctoral research fellows funded through projects based in ACPT itself.

The Institute also welcomes the opportunity to engage with visiting scholars on short, informal visits to Aberdeen throughout the academic year. In addition to the opportunity to present papers to the Research Seminar and to interact with ACPT members, it may also be possible for visiting scholars to gain access to office space and library facilities during such stays, and there is sometimes short-term accommodation available close to the University.